The design and craftsmanship of our pens rise out of a love of writing and writing instruments.

Each of our pens is made one at a time so that we can continue to pay attention to detail and quality.  Because so many of our pens have wood barrels, each seems to take on a unique quality unto itself, and no two pens are exactly the same - wood is imperfectly perfect, and the exciting grain and color hidden inside are seldom detectable when we start turning a new pen on our lathes.

How do I order?

  1. When ordering, start by chooosing the series of pen you want (such as "Statesman" or "Craftsman") from our website.  Each series has its own characteristics - take a look and choose the style that best suits you.
  2. Next, determine the the format - Rollerball or Fountain.
  3. Choose the wood you would like - each series page on our site shows the wood selection and finish available for that series.
  4. Finally, choose the type of metal components you prefer.
  5. Simply include these four details in the form to the right and we will respond with price, shipping information and completion date.  We typically have a pen ready to ship and at your door in ten days or less.
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Series Choice
Type (Fountain or Rollerball)
Wood Choice
Component Metal Choice
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Special Orders
We are pleased to work on custom pens and look forward to disccussing the endless possibilities with you.  If you see a pen on our site but would like to have it made in a non-standard wood or finsh, we can certainly accommodate you.  We can offer all sorts of special features if you have a special gift in mind, and enjoy the creative process of developing a design for your specific needs.  Please contact us - we would be happy to make something unique and special for you.